Maintenance Services

Maintaning your property from the inside out.

Our comprehensive and tailored maintenance services can be provided to both commercial and residential properties.


Our maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:


Block and Estate Maintenance

Providing cleaning and maintenance service to block management companies, we have the ability to maintain communal areas and external areas of residential establishments, such as flats and estates.


Majority of our commercial clients ask us to carry out the following on flats and estates:


Gardening in external communal areas such as grass cutting and pruning of plants.

  • Window cleaning.
  • Re-painting of internal communal areas.
  • Clearing and cleaning bin areas.
  • Handy man works such as changing light bulbs.


We are able to provide the same style of services to private estate owners.


See below for examples of the services we can offer..


Hedge Cutting


Our block and estate maintenance services, we factor in seasonal hedge cutting. We can provide both manual hedge cutting and flail cutting for boundary hedges on both commercial and residential properties.


Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping includes the preparation and laying of turf, soil preparation and over seeding and excavating and levelling grass areas including sports fields. We have the ability to provide soft landscaping for both commercial and residential properties.

CME maintain my home to the highest standard from the inside out!

- Sam Kilburn