Health & Safety

Safety is a choice you make.

Health and safety is something that CME services regards upmost important.


As part of our service we analyse the risk factors of each case and take them into consideration to guarantee the safety of both staff and clients. This is at the forefront of our operations.


Health, safety and hygiene are at the core of our business. When looking at health and safety it is important not to forget that the products we use or the machinery and chemicals we use may not be suitable for all applications which is why we ensure that a full assessment of the property and its occupants are done prior to carrying out our work.

We ensure that all of our machinery is safe to use and the operatives in control of it are trained on how to use it safely and effectively.


It is our goal to eliminate viruses and bacteria that may be carried within all types of properties, especially commercial establishments in order to maintain good health in those who occupy, which is why our staff are trained to tailor the service they provide to match each individual applications needs.


For more information on our Health and Safety Policies, please contact us.