Corporate Social Responsilility

What we do for you.

Here at CME, we are fully aware of the impact our services may have on the environment; from products and machinery to the methods of transport we use which is why we have constructed a system which ensures that we are as green and environmentally friendly as possible.


Chemicals - When we are able, we are sure to use products with natural cleaning effects such as: vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.


Transport - All of our cleaning operatives are provided with low emission cars whilst working with CME.

We believe that small steps can go a long way which is why when we can do something, no matter how bigger small to reduce harm to the environment - we will!


CME are also dedicated to charitable works, we are frequent donors to numerous amounts of charities such as: Cancer Research, Eleanor Lions Hospice, Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, Brixton Soup Kitchen and many more.


Our managing team also annually contribute to a recently founded charity One Bag Uganda, taking trips to the East Africa - for more information on One Bag Uganda, please see, alternatively to donate directly to the crowdfund page click here



For more information on our CSR Policy, please contact us.